Government of Jammu and Kashmir

Civil Secretariat Education Department



Subject: -        Transfer / adjustment of I/C ZEOs & equivalent.

Reference:     DSEK/260-HM/567 dated 15-09-2008 from Director School Education, Kashmir.


Government of Jammu and Kashmir

Civil Secretariat Education Department



Subject :-       Regularization of officers of J&K School Education Department  as Principals & equivalent of 10+2 Schools.

Reference: -   PSC/DPC/Edu/I/2008 dated 17-07-2009 from Public Service Commission, Polo View, Srinagar.



Government Order No. 592-Edu of 2009

D a t e d :               27- 07 – 2009.



Sanction is hereby accorded to the  regularization  of  770   Sr.  Lecturers   ( detailed in Annexure-“A” ) and  75   Zonal   Education   Officers   &    equivalent ( detailed in Annexure-“B”) to this order, as Principals +2 schools & equivalent, Deputy Chief Education Officers & DEPOs in the relevant pay scales as revised from time to time from the dates as indicated against each in Annexure-“A” & “B” respectively subject to the following conditions: -


a.            I/C Principals & equivalent whose elevation orders were withdrawn earlier for non-joining the elevated positions, have been considered again for elevation in in-charge capacity on their own request and regularized from the dates of their fresh placement as such in in-charge capacity or against the posts available at relevant point of time;


b.            officers who were earlier eligible for placement as I/C Principals & equivalent alongwith their other counterparts but could not be placed as such due to one or the other reason and have subsequently retired on different dates, have been considered and regularized as such on notional basis;


c.            the officers who had been elevated as I/C Principals, I/C HODs, I/C Dy. CEOs and I/C DEPOs from time to time but did not join on their elevation and are regularized shall not be entitled to any benefit;


d.            the Chief Education Officers / Principal DIETs / DDOs before making the entries into the service books of the concerned officers about their regularization as Principals & equivalent shall verify the genuineness and validity of category certificates; 


e.            the charge allowances, if any, drawn by these officers while working as I/C Principals & equivalent for the period subsequent to their regularization shall be adjusted against the arrears payable to them, consequent upon the re-fixation of their pay in the higher grade;


f.             this order is issued without prejudice to the final outcome of the writ petition(s), if any, pending in any court of Law and subject to the superior claim of those who either are missing in the eligibility list or are on unauthorized absence in respect of whom the department has not taken / initiated any disciplinary action as yet.


The concerned Chief Education Officers / Principal DIETs / DDOs shall be responsible for implementation / fulfillment of above conditions in letter and spirit.


By order of Government of Jammu and Kashmir



Secretary to Government,

Education Department


No: - Edu/Gaz-A/25/2008                        Dated:                    27   - 07 - 2009

Copy to the: -

1.                  Accountant General, J&K, Srinagar.

2.                  Secretary, Public Service Commission.

3.                  District Dev. Commissioner, Leh / Kargil.

4.                  Director, School Education, Kashmir / Jammu.

5.                  Principal, SIE, Jammu / Kashmir.

6.                  Chief Education Officer ____________________.

7.                  Principal, DIET __________________________.

8.                  Spl. Asstt to Hon’ble Education Minister for information of the Hon’ble Minister.

9.                  Pvt. Secy to Political Advisor to Hon’ble Chief Minister.

10.              Pvt. Secy to Secretary to Government, Education Department for information of the Secretary.

11.              P. A. to Addl. Secretary to Government, Education Department for information of the Addl. Secretary.

12.              Concerned.

13.              Monday return (w.3.s.c.)

14.              Stock file.