Government of Jammu and Kashmir,

Directorate of School Education,



Subject:-   Promotion of Trained-graduate/Post-graduate Teachers as Masters.


ORDER NO. 641-DSEK OF 2009

DATED    02    /     07    /       2009


Whereas this Office cancelled the promotion as Master/Head-Teacher in respect of 95 trained-graduate/trained post-graduate Teachers belonging to RBA category vide this Office Order No. 424-DSEK of 2009 Dated 30/5/2009 due to wrong information regarding date of appointment provided by the respective Chief Education Officers which was noticed by this Directorate  after issuance of the promotion order.


Whereas the tentative list of trained-graduate/trained post-graduate Teachers appointees of 1996 in respect of RBA category was notified by this Directorate  for objections through CEO concerned under the same order referred to above.


Whereas the respective CEOs furnished the said tentative list duly authenticated which has been now consolidated by this office in terms of seniority/inter-se merit of their selection as Teacher by the SSRB


                        Now, therefore, without prejudice to the inter-se-seniority, writ petition subjudice if any and as approved by DPC in its meeting held on 29/01/2009, sanction is hereby accorded  to the promotion of 96 ( ninety six) trained- graduates/ trained post-graduate  Teachers as Masters/Head-Teachers against clear vacancies  in the pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500 in RBA category and their adjustment as Masters/Head-Teachers in the Districts  shown against each  in the Annexure to this order: However, the seniority of these promotees shall be counted from 02/03/2009 i.e. date of issuance of promotion order No. 2637-DSEK of 2009 Dated 02/03/2009 on notional basis for fixation of seniority.


The promotion of the trained-graduate/trained post-graduate teachers as Masters shall be subject to the following conditions:-


1.   The inter-se placement of the promotees may  not necessarily be  in order of   seniority. The seniority of promotees shall be drawn and published alongwith other cadre officials separately.  


2.   Chief Education Officer concerned shall ensure the correctness of  particulars of  the promotees by  verification of the same from the original documents/ Service Books/appointment orders/original selection list of Service Selection Board in respect of the appointees with particular reference to the Serial Numbers assigned to them therein and other relevant records. He shall also verify the substantive capacity of promotees.  Any variation if found on such verification in the particulars of a promotee shall be reported to this Directorate  forthwith for  further orders/clarification.  If any promotee on subsequent verification is found as not having eligibility for promotion, this order will not confer any right on such promotion and the promotion shall not be effective in that case.;


3.    The promotees must report to the concerned Chief Education Officers for further posting within 15-days.  Failure to do so, the promotee shall be deemed to have declined the promotion as Master/Head-Teacher in  such case the department shall be free to fill-up the vacancy out of next eligible Teacher;


4.    The claim with regard to the inter-se-placement of the promotees for determination of seniority in the cadre of Masters, if any, shall be submitted to the Direction Office within a period of one month through proper channel.


5. In case of an adverse report from Vigilance Organization, the promotion of the concerned Teacher, shall be cancelled without prior notice and the excess pay drawn by him/her  against promotion post shall be recoverable .


6. The benefit of promotion shall not be allowed in case of such  teacher who may be under suspension or against whom departmental proceedings are pending or whose work and conduct is not satisfactory.  The promotee must have registered at least 50% and above results during the preceding three years especially in the Board Examination;


7.    The promotees must have passed B.Ed. examination through recognised University before the date of promotion;


8.    The relieving orders of the promotees shall be got counter-signed by the respective Chief Education Officers after proper verification from relevant/ required documents/ certificates in original within the specified time and after verification of genuineness of appointments on substantive post of the promotee. The higher emoluments shall be given to the promotees from the date they assume their higher responsibilities


9. The following  instructions conveyed by the Administrative Department vide letter No. PS/AS/Edu/2070/2005 Dated 18/05/2005 shall be adhered to by the field officers in the case of such promotees who will be adjusted against the post of Head Teachers in Sarva Shiksha  Abhiyan upgraded Middle Schools


a)    “ One Master, to function as Head Teacher shall be posted in each Primary School upgraded under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA) to the level of Middle School by corresponding reduction of the post of Teacher viz Rehbar-I-Taleem (under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) in the Middle Wing of the same School.  The Rehbar-I-Taleem thus becoming surplus shall be adjusted in the Primary Wing of the same school by effecting transfer of the regular teacher (from the same viz Primary Wing) and his honorarium shall also be drawn against the regular Teacher’s post. In case no regular Teacher happens to be in place in a particular school, the Rehbar-I-Taleem becoming surplus due to posting of a Master in the School upgraded to the Middle School level  (under SSA) shall be adjusted against an available vacancy of a Teacher within the Zone and his honorarium accordingly drawn against such post”.


b)          The pay of the Masters posted in the Middle School upgraded under SSA  be paid from SSA Plan;


The concerned CEO’s shall verify the following testimonials / documents in original before issuing/countersigning/relieving order/posting orders:-


                                                               i.      First appointment order Service books

                                                             ii.      Date of Birth certificates

                                                           iii.      B.Ed certificate from the recognized University.

                                                            iv.      SSB selection list with S.Nos.

                                                              v.      Category certificates (fresh /renewed under SRO 126/294) in original.



                                                Director School Education,



Enc: Annexure           No. Estt/NG/A/           12/09/487-99               Dated   02 /07/2009

Copy to the:-

1.     Secretary to Government, Education Department, Srinagar for information.

2. State Project Director Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,  Srinagar for information

3. Director, School Education, Jammu for information.

4. Chief Education Officer, (All) for information with the remarks that variation/discrepancy if any found on verification should be reported to the Directorate and in case of variation in the selection list Number, the promotion in that case shall  not be effective. The inter-se-seniority be also redrawn wherever necessary,  consistent with the inter-se placement of the promotees in the SSB selection list or by reference to their date of appointment as Teacher (where the SSB selection is not involved) and put up to this Office  within fifteen days

5. Order file/Stock file