Government of Jammu and Kashmir,

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Subject:-Provisional appointment of candidates selected by the J&K Services Selection Board for District Cadre Bandipora

Reference: 1. Administrative Departmentís letter No. Edu-I/303/2012 Dated 06/09/2012

†††††††††††††††††††† 2. Administrative Departmentís letter No.Edu-I/286/2012 Dated 05/09/2012.


ORDER NO. 1811 DSEK OF 2012

DATED 24/††††† 09†††† /††††††† 2012


Whereas, Administrative Department vide letter No. Edu-I/303/2012 Dated 06/09/2012 has conveyed selection list of candidates selected as Teachers for District cadre Bandipora, pursuant to selection made by the J&K Services Selection Board, Srinagar vide No.SSB/Sel/Secy/012/2244-46 Dated 23/08/2012 for issuance of appointment orders only after authentication / verification of all original certificates/character antecedents / total marks obtained from original certificates and also after authentication of category certificates from the competent authority in favour of such candidates who stand selected under reserved categories;


Whereas, the copy of selection list of candidates was forwarded to Chief Education Officer, Bandipora vide this Office letter No Estt-III/NG/B-Trs./48/2012/2097 Dated 12/09/2012 and letter No. Estt-III/NG/B-Trs/38/2012/2118-25 Dated 13/09/2012 for seeking verification of qualification/date of birth/marks/category certificates from the issuing authorities.


Whereas, the Administrative Department vide this Office letter No. Estt-III/38/2012/1833 Dated 18/08/2012 was requested to convey necessary instructions for issuance of provisional appointment orders in favour of the selectee candidates till the verification of certificate is received from the issuing authority;


Whereas, the Administrative Department vide letter No. Edu-I/286/2012 Dated 05/09/2012 has conveyed instructions to issue the provisional appointment orders in favour of the selectees, after obtaining undertaking on the devised format to the following explicit conditions:-


i.                    the salary in favour of the selected candidates is only drawn:-


         After receiving the satisfactory report of their character and antecedents/verification from the concerned quarter;

         After receiving the satisfactory verification of qualification certificates/date of birth certificate/category certificate;

         The appointee shall furnish an undertaking (as per Annexure) duly attested by the judicial Magistrate (Copy enclosed)


Whereas, as Notification vide this Office No.Estt-III/B-Trs./48/2012/2098-99 Dated 12/09/2012 was published in the news papers directing the selectees to deposit their undertaking within a period of one week;


Whereas, 174 (One hundred seventy four) candidates have filed their undertaking on the devised format;


Now, therefore, sanction is hereby accorded to the provisional appointment of Gen-107, RBA-38, SC-07, St-19 & OSC-03 Total 174 (One hundred seventy four) ††candidates listed in the Annexure to this Order as Teachers in the pay scale of Rs. 5200-20200 +grade pay Rs.2400/- for under graduate and Rs. 2800/- (for graduate and above) as admissible under SRO 93 Dated 15/04/2009 in District cadre Bandipora. The candidates will be required to report to the Chief Education Officer, Bandipora by or before 05-Octoberí 2012 for further posting.


The candidatesshall produce the following certificates (in original) before the Chief Education Officer, Bandipora.


         Character and antecedents certificates from Additional Director General of Police (CID)

         Qualification certificates viz Degree/Marks

         Permanent resident certificates

         Age and health certificates

         Discharge certificate from the Institution attending/ last attended

         Certificate from the concerned authority to the effect that no loan under-self employment scheme has been taken by the concerned candidates.

         Category certificates (in case of reserved categories) under SRO 294 of 21/10/2005.

         total Marks/Marks obtained and percentage of the selectee be also got verified/authenticated from the issuing authority and ensure that the merit points reflected in the selection list are recorded according to the genuineness marks card /qualification certificate


After receiving verification reports viz date of birth certificates /qualification/marks certificate/category certificate and other (if any) from the issuing authority throughconcerned Chief Education Officers after their countersignatures, formal appointment orders will be issued accordingly and no salary till issuance of suchorders will be drawn.


The provisional appointment of the candidates are subject to the final outcome of the cases, if any, pending in any Court.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††† ††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††† Sd/-

Director School Education,



No: Estt-III/48/2012/2225-26 ††††††††††† Dated 24/09/2012

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1.      Secretary to Government, General Administration Department, Srinagar

2.      Secretary to Government, Education Department, Civil Secretariat, Srinagar

3.      Secretary, J&K Services Selection Board, Srinagar

4.      Chief Education Officer, Bandiporafor strict adherence of the directives conveyed vide this Office letter No.48/2012/2097 Dated 12/09/2012 and No. 38/2012/2118-25 Dated 13/09/2012. Variation if any, found inn the particulars/qualification/ percentage of marks of any candidate should be reported to this Office forth-with for clarification before issuance of adjustment orders in such cases.

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