Government of Jammu and Kashmir,

Directorate of School Education,



Subject:- Placement of Masters as Incharge Headmasters and equivalent adjustment thereof.


ORDER NO __1840______ DSEK OF 2010

DATED 12 / 10 / 2010


Sanction is hereby accorded to the:-


i.                  Withdrawal of placement orders as Incharge Headmasters and equivalent in respect of 19 (Nineteen) Masters issued vide No. 274-DSEK of 2010 Dated 20/02/2010 as shown in the Annexure A to this Order ab-initio


i.                   Placement of 93 (Ninety Three ) Masters shown in the Annexure B to this Order as Incharge Headmasters and equivalent in their own pay and grade with charge allowance as admissible under Art. 87-B of J&K CSR for a period of six months or till clearance by Public Service Commission whichever be earlier, subject to the condition that the beneficiary officials hold genuine appointment and are not involved in any case pending investigation with Vigilance Organization/Crime Branch etc. These placements will, however, not confer any superior claim or right upon them and shall be subject to outcome of any pending adjucation in any court of law and shall be without prejudice to seniority of others. Moreover the placement of the incumbents and particularly in respect of Migrants as Incharge Headmasters shall be operative only after physically joining the new assignment as shown in this order provided they have worked as Masters physically for the requisite time period as envisaged in former SRO 240 and SRO 308 of 2008.


The officials given higher placement by virtue of this Order shall immediately report to concerned Institutions/Offices as indicated against each in Annexure C for further duties and after verification of their service particulars as shown in Annexure B to this order by reference to relevant records by the Chief Education Officers concerned. In case any variation in respect of service particulars and category as indicated against each will be detected, the same should be brought to the notice of this Directorate for seeking further instructions in this behalf and the implementation of the order be stopped till further orders. The officials thus placed as Incharge Headmasters and equivalent shall invariably join their respective places within a period of fifteen days and the placement as made will automatically take course of cancellation after stipulated period is over.


Director School Eduction,



No: Estt-II/GAZ-prom/2010 Dated 12 /10/2010

Copy to the:-

  1. Commr. Secretary to Government, Education Department, Civil Secretariat, Srinagar
  2. Joint Director Migrant Cell Jammu for information and necessary action .
  3. Chief Education Officer, __________________ for information and necessary action.
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